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UK: Food Standards Agency agrees action on promotion of foods to children

The Board of the Food Standards Agency in the UK has finalised plans to address the way in which foods are promoted to children. The plan has been developed following publication of the Hastings Report in September 2003 on the role of advertising of foods to children and the wider public debate about how the promotion of food can influence children’s diets.

The Board has agreed that action was required on the promotion of foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt if the balance of children’s diets are to be improved. Poor diets in children can have a range of adverse health consequences and there is a growing problem of childhood obesity. The Agency recognises that the promotion of foods is one of the many influences on children’s diets and that action was also required to encourage greater physical exercise.

Source: Food Standards Agency (UK) news, 6 July 2004

Published on July 6, 2004 in International news