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NZ – Sugar is the great evil

The Sunday Star Times covers Dr Jim Mann’s battle in getting the records straight after attending a FAO conference the late 1990s.

It seems that the conference was sponsored by the World Sugar Research Organisation. No wonder the press releases and reports mysteriously came up with the finding that sugar poses no health problems for children. The article goes on to discuss the hidden sugars we are unwittingly eating, alternative sweeteners, what’s being done to reduce sugar consumption in NZ, and what we could do.

It quotes Diabetes New Zealand in their call for the government to use anti-smoking policies as a model to control obesity.
DNZ president Murray Dear says “measures could include fat taxes, public information – campaigns, ad restrictions, school-based interventions and improved labelling.”

FOE’s spokesperson Dr Robyn Toomath agrees with Dear. Her first target would be soft drinks. “If I was to pick the one single thing to change in diet to change obesity rates in children it would be soft drinks.”

She quotes a British study into the diets of 11-year-olds which showed that the most significant dietry change was the increase in the amount of energy they consumed from soft drinks – with a corresponding weight increase.

Source: Stuff, 14 November 2004

Published on November 15, 2004 in New Zealand news