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NZ: Wellington supermarket checkouts – fighting sweet temptation

Growing pressure on supermarkets to reduce pester power at their checkouts

The Wellington-based Parents Centre is challenging supermarkets to remove confectionery from at least a portion of checkouts this week as part to their undertakings in the Food Accord.

Obesity Action Coalition’s Celia Murphy says that having the confectionery there is normalising it, and that it is just shouting at children to ‘take me take me’. She asks why it can’t be on the ordinary shelves where people can go and select them?

The Parents Centre also comment on the financial pressure on parents as they run the checkout gauntlet, trying to control their kids.

Supermarket owners Progressive Enterprises say they support the Food Accord but removing checkout confectionery is not an option. ‘Rather than rearrange the supermarket we’re behind the healthy eating programme advertisement on television’.

FOE’s Robyn Toomath says that this shows the Food Accord is a farce and that it is unlikely that retailers would voluntarily remove junk food from checkouts.

Source: Dominion Post, 9 April 2005

Published on April 9, 2005 in New Zealand news