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NZ: Complaint over giant Easter egg advert upheld

In March 2005 the Otago Daily Times ran a Warehouse advertisement for a giant Easter egg. The ad was similar to last year’s – except that it used a slightly older child. After a member of the public complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the egg encouraged children to eat excessive amounts of chocolate and that the ad was marketed to children, the ASA Complaint’s Board investigated.

The Board “expressed disappointment that the Advertiser had not undertaken a socially responsible self-regulatory approach in the preparation and publication of the ‘What a Pig’ Easter Egg Advertisement. It commented that food advertisements of the type before it did not comply with the Code for Advertising of Food, and repetition of such advertising undermined the Advertising Standards Authority self-regulatory system of which, the Advertiser and Media, were both members.”

Source: ASA Decision, 29 April 2005

Self-regulation “nonsensical”

On News talk ZM, FOE’s Robyn Toomath commented that the repeat offence “highlights how nonsensical it is for the Government to allow the industry to self-regulate”.

Published on April 29, 2005 in New Zealand news