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NZ: Police use McDonald’s vouchers as road safety campaign rewards

As part of a road safety campaign, the police are handing out McDonald’s vouchers to children who monitor school crossings.

In a press statement, Green Party MP Sue Kedgeley questions why government departments are accepting sponsorship and handing out vouchers from companies that sell food which contributes to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. Instead, she recommends vouchers for snazzy water bottles or skipping ropes or sports equipment or healthy food at local stores.

She says the problem is broader than the Police and that what is needed is a “state sector-wide standard, which makes clear that the Government won’t allow public institutions to be used as a vehicle for promoting unhealthy eating and drinking habits.”

The Dominion Post covers the story in its article, ‘Police Rewards of McDonald’s Chits Rile Health Lobby’. It quotes FOE’s Dr Robyn Toomath as saying “sponsorship was the same as advertising and Government agencies should be looking for sponsors outside the fast-food business in the same way they had turned away from tobacco companies.”

Source: Dominion Post, 3 June 2005 A5

Source: Green Party press release, 2 June 2005

Published on June 3, 2005 in New Zealand news