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Australia: Queensland introduces school tuckshop policy and sponsorship guidelines for school events

According to the Australian:

high-fat, high-calorie food will be banned in Queensland state schools on all but two days a term in Australia’s toughest crackdown on tuckshop junk food.

 South Australia has a similar strategy but Queenland’s goes further by restricting sponsorship and advertising by junk-food companies at activities run by the schools.

Source: The Australian / Parents Jury, 8 July 2005

Historic changes to school tuckshop menus to keep kids healthy

The Queensland Government’s Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools requires schools to have healthy menus in place by June 2006. It encourages fruits and vegetables and significantly limits tuckshop items like sweets, fried foods, cakes and artificially sweetened soft drinks. It requires tuckshops to follow guidelines which categorise foods by a “traffic light” system.

The new guidelines will apply not only to tuckshops but any area where food and drink is supplied in state schools, including fund-raising ventures, vending machines, excursions, camps, classroom rewards, sports days, curriculum activities and staff only areas.

The strategy does not affect food and drinks in lunches students and staff prepare at home.

The Government has also released a Schools Sponsorship and Advertising Policy to ensure sponsorship arrangements are appropriate for school settings. The policy restricts agreements to those which comply with the new guidelines.

Source: Queensland Government, Education Minister Hon. Anna Bligh press statement, 7 July 2005


 Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools

You can download the strategy from here.

Source: Queensland Government website

Published on July 7, 2005 in Australian news