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NZ: Food ads near schools mostly for unhealthy food

“Food advertisements in and around secondary schools are generally not compatible with nutritional guidelines for adolescents, with 70 per cent of food advertisements classed as unhealthy, according to a study in the latest New Zealand Medical Journal.”

Source: NZ Medical Association Press Release / Scoop, 15 July 2005


Food ads near schools

The Dominion Post takes up this story saying “Junk-food advertisements dominate billboards, bus shelters and posters around high schools and could be worsening the obesity epidemic.”

Read more: Stuff, 15 July 2005


Schools ringed by unhealthy ads

The NZ Herald also covers this story, reporting that “secondary school students are surrounded by advertising for unhealthy foods.”

Source: NZ Herald, 15 July 2005


Advertising and availability of obesogenic foods around New Zealand secondary schools: a pilot study (Abstract)

Source: NZ Medical Journal, 15 July 2005

Challenging beliefs about the marketing of food

An editorial in the NZ Medical Journal calls for health professionals to help create a healthy environment for children where healthy eating is the norm.

Source: NZMJ, 15 July 2005

Junk food heavily advertised near high schools: Otago research

Source: Otago University News, 15 July 2005

Ads for junk food? our kids are soaking in them

Celia Murphy of the Obesity Action Coalition says that all this promotion of unhealthy food makes it so much harder for parents to make healthy choices for their kids.

Source: Obesity Action Coalition press release / Scoop, 14 July 2005

Published on July 15, 2005 in New Zealand news