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NZ: School fundraising undermines health education messages – Otago University research

Fundraising activities of many schools are undermining classroom health education and endorsing consumption of high fat/sugar foods, according to Otago University researchers.

They looked at the sponsorship, incentive and fundraising initiatives that schools are currently participating in and examined the products and messages delivered to students as a result.

Researcher Rose Richards says that:

It may be that the health sector has a role to play in lobbying for adequate school funding so schools are not forced unwillingly to choose between health and education outcomes.

Source: Otago University media release/ Scoop, 9 Aug 2005


Schools giving kids confusing messages

Obesity Action Coalition reacted to the school fundraising research:

Some schools are doing an excellent job of ensuring children are getting good health messages at school but many turn a blind eye to the conflicts that come with fundraising using high- sugar and/or high- fat foods and sponsorships from companies selling unhealthy foods.

Source: Obesity Action Coalition press release / Scoop, 10 August 2005


Read the research

 Sponsorship and fund-raising in New Zealand schools: implications for health. R. Richards, H. Darling and A.I. Reeder Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Aug 2005.

Published on August 10, 2005 in New Zealand news