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France bans all school vending machines and toughens rules for junk food TV advertisers

France has banned all vending machines from schools in an attempt to tackle child obesity. The sale of any food or drink, from fruit and bottled water to Coca-Cola and Mars Bars, via automatic vending machines is now banned.

The law was originally passed a year ago. Proposals to amend it in June this year to allow machines that provided healthy food alternatives were rejected as industry lobbying.

According to NutraIngredients, the French ban on vending machines is “one of the most extreme actions taken by a government in the name of the war on obesity”. It describes what some other western countries are doing.

Read more: NutraIngredients, 2 Sep 2005

France takes action on ‘junk’ food, alcopops

A French ban on vending machines in schools came into force this month.

It is part of a wider package of public health regulations that include a new tax on food and drink producers that advertise unhealthy food on TV. These companies now have to add public health warnings to all their TV adverts or face a levy of 1.5 % of their advertising budget. The levy will go directly to INPES, the body which promotes healthy living.

Read more: Food & Drink Europe, 3 Aug 2005

Published on September 2, 2005 in International news