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Australia: Children remember junk food ads

A Sydney University study on the effectiveness of junk food advertising on television found that four unhealthy food products were among the top ten items children remembered.

It also found that the number of TV junk food ads that primary school aged children are exposed to on a daily basis is far higher than previously thought:

Every hour an average of 7.25 ads promoting lollies, burgers and fries were screened. Based on varying daily viewing figures, children might watch anywhere between 9.25 and 18 junk food ads a day – the highest figure recorded.

Read the abstract:  Davis, Teresa. Children and Snack Foods: Television Advertising, Brand Awareness, Consumption and Product Choice. British Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Dublin, 2005

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Dec 2005

Published on December 19, 2005 in International news