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UK: Food companies use the internet to market junk food to children

Junk food firms face a ban on targeting children on mobiles

Advertisers are moving away from TV to other forms of junk food marketing such as mobile phone promotions, ads sent over the internet, online games, video clips, images and e-cards. The Committee on Advertising Practice is to consider regulations and standards to cover these marketing techniques when they promote brands and products to children.

Read more: Times Online, 28 March 2006


Website games sell junk food to children, warn campaigners

Food campaigners comment on the sophisticated internet tactics being used by companies to market junk food at children – without their parents’ knowledge.

Read more: Telegraph, 28 March 2006


Internet used to push fast food to children say campaigners

Health campaigners warn that fast food giants are turning to the internet to advertise to children.

Read more: The Guardian, 27 March, 2006

Published on March 28, 2006 in International news