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UK: OfCom proposes limits on children’s TV junk food ads

The UK Office of Communications has published a consultation document on TV advertising of food and drink to children. This happened after the British Government asked it to review such advertising.

The consultation closes on 6 June 2006.

Several groups say that the proposals don’t go far enough: there should be no ¬†junk food advertising to kids before ¬†9:00 pm.

Television advertising of food and drink products to children

Ofcom give the background to their four proposals and list them in detail.

Source: Ofcom news release, 28 March 2006

Television advertising of food and drink products to children – Options for new restrictions

Source: Ofcom website

Junk food child ad rules unveiled

Source: BBC news

Ofcom must put children’s health before company profits

Sustain says that “If Ofcom are serious about putting children’s health above the narrow interests of the food and advertising industries they should stop all junk food TV ads before the 9pm watershed.”

Source: Sustain, 27 March 2006

British Heart Foundation comments on Ofcom’s proposals on junk food advertising

The British Heart Foundation says “We will continue to push for a stronger fourth option; a complete ban on all junk food broadcast advertising before the 9pm watershed, as set out in the Children’s Food Bill.” They also want the ban extended to advertising using email, the internet or text messaging.

Source: BHF press release, 28 March 2006

Published on March 28, 2006 in International news