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NZ: Childrens and food advertising codes released

The Advertising Standards Authority has just released the final report of its voluntary codes on children’s and food advertising standards.

They say that ads should not be aimed at younger children, should not encourage them to eat or drink treat food in excess, and that celebrities should not be used to advertise high fat or sugary foods.

Hodgson welcomes food advertising changes

Read more: Press release, NZ Government, 7 April 2006

New food code doesn’t go far enough – Greens

The Green Party would like to see a prohibition on any advertising of unhealthy food to children.

Read more: Green Party press release, 7 April 2006

Food advert guidelines for children mean little, say critics

Dr Robyn Toomath, of Fight the Obesity Epidemic, criticised the guidelines:

If they truly follow the intent, which is protecting children and not doing anything to adversely affect their health, then all of the junk food advertising, all of the advertising for soft drinks, would immediately be removed.

Read more: NZ Herald
Read FOE’s submission to the ASA review April 2005 (PDF)

Published on April 6, 2006 in New Zealand news