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Australia: Is the food industry killing us?

Is the food industry killing us?

This story from Australia tells us why modern food production techniques are helping to make us overweight. Manufactured food is cheaper to make than fresh meat, fruit and veges – and the gap is widening.

Australian governments have put some education programmes in place over the last few years to improve healthy eacting and physical activity. And the food industry is allowed to regulate itself (the article lists some of the things they are doing).

But these measures aren’t enough, say researchers in the August 2006 issue of Medical Journal of Australia. They explain why and call for six drastic measures from government, including taxing unhealthy processed food and using the money to subsidise fresh foods.

Read more: Health Matters, ABCnet, 24 Aug 2006

The unstoppable Australian obesity and diabetes juggernaut. What should politicians do?

Paul Zimmet and Philip James recommend six things Australian governments should do to stop childhood obesity:

  • bans on food marketing to children
  • having strict food and physical activity rules for schools
  • removing unhealthy food and drinks from all publicly funded premises
  • having traffic light labelling on all foods, drinks and meals wherever sold
  • changing the relative prices of foods and drinks high in fat or sugar in favour of vegetables and fruit
  • making urban environments more pedestrian and cyclist friendly
  • Read more: Medical Journal of Australia, 185 (4) Aug 2006

    Published on August 24, 2006 in Australian news