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Australia: Food labelling confusion

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is currently investigating the best way to label food, such as the “traffic light” system that FOE favours. The National Heart Foundation in Australia is conducting its own analysis. The Australian food and beverage industry can’t wait for these results. It has just introduced a voluntary percent daily intake labelling system which health experts say is confusing.

Label rage erupts at the food traffic lights

Australian food and beverage manufacturers are adopting a food labelling system that health experts say is confusing and irrelevant.

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 1 Nov 2006

Food labelling confusion – time to work together

Australia’s National Heart Foundation says that a new food labelling system that makes cola appear a healthier food choice than milk will confuse consumers.

It is currently conducting an independent analysis of the various labelling schemes used internationally and will test them with Australians.

Read more: Press release, National Heart Foundation of Australia, 1 Nov 2006

Food labelling system will ‘confuse’

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 1 Nov 2006

Percent Daily Intake Labelling

Read more: Australian Food and Grocery website

Published on November 1, 2006 in Australian news