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European nations sign anti-obesity charter

Health ministers from 53 European region countries met in Turkey to discuss how to tackle obesity. They signed a charter which calls for member countries to take action.

The charter includes proposals to cut junk food advertising aimed at children, increase health education and make healthy food and exercise more affordable.

The meeting was organised by the World Health Organisation.

European Charter adopted to reverse the obesity epidemic

The WHO press statement explains what is in the Charter, including the specific regulatory measures that countries should adopt.

Read more: Media release, WHO, 16 Nov 2006

European Charter on Counteracting Obesity (PDF)

Read the charter (PDF) on the WHO website, 17 November 2006

Pandemic obesity in Europe

A BMJ editorial argues that evidence on the cost-effectiveness of large-scale public health interventions to treat and prevent obesity is sparse. However, it reports that WHO doesn’t think Europe can wait for better evidence. It says the charter signed by European minsiters in Turkey will include the development and widespread use of a set of core performance indicators.

Read more: British Medical Journal, 17 Nov 2006

Published on November 16, 2006 in International news