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NZ: Healthy food only slightly more expensive

An Auckland University shopping basket study suggests that healthier supermarket food is only slightly more expensive than less healthy options. The healthier food also has about a third less energy and fat, and half the sugar and saturated fat. Some food categories, such as spreads and lean meats are considerably more expensive.

The researchers conclude that “consideration should be given to ways in which this cost differential can be addressed to favour key healthy diet choices.”

They are about to launch a trial with shoppers at Pak N Save supermarkets. A control group will be offered a 12.5% discount on healthier food items to see if they are motivated by price.

The study did not include fruit and vegetables.

The price of healthy eating: cost and nutrient value of selected regular and healthier supermarket foods in New Zealand

Read the study: NZ Medical Journal, 26 Jan 2007

Healthy eating doesn’t cost so much more

Read more: NZ Herald, 26 Jan 2007

More evidence for action on New Zealand’s obesogenic school environment and food pricing

In an editorial in the NZ Medical Journal, Wellington School of Medicine researchers review this research and urge action.

Read the editorial: NZ Medical Journal, 26 Jan 2007


In our submission to the Inquiry into Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in NZ, we recommend that the Government commission a report to identify the best ways of making healthy diets more affordable and preferably less expensive than unhealthy diets.

Read our submission: Pages 51 – 54.

Published on January 26, 2007 in New Zealand news