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NZ: Call to improve school food and review food pricing options – NZMJ editorial

In an editorial in the latest NZ Medical Journal, Wellington School of Medicine researchers review two studies that relate to obesity in New Zealand and urge action.

The first study found that high users of school canteens were more likely to eat junk food. The researchers call for mandatory policies to restrict the type of food and drinks that can be sold in schools. They also suggest restrictions on pupils leaving school grounds to buy lunch, and limiting the sponsorship of school resources.

The second study suggests that a healthier supermarket food basket is only slightly more expensive than one containing less healthy options.

The researchers say further studies are needed using a wider range of food baskets. They call for action to reduce the price of healthy foods and improve food labelling.

More evidence for action on New Zealand’s obesogenic school environment and food pricing

Read the editorial: NZ Medical Journal, 26 Jan 2007 [LINK]

Permission to re-publish this article courtesy of the New Zealand Medical Association. Multiple copies must not be made without the permission of the NZMA (email

Food choices among students using the school food service in New Zealand

Read the abstract: NZ Medical Journal, 26 Jan 2007

The price of healthy eating: cost and nutrient value of selected regular and healthier supermarket foods in New Zealand

Read the abstract: NZ Medical Journal, 26 Jan 2007

Published on January 27, 2007 in New Zealand news