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UK: Bill introduced in British parliament to protect kids from junk food ads

A ban on TV advertising of junk food to children under 16 will be introduced soon in Britain.

Opponents say it doesn’t go far enough because some of the most popular programmes for this age group are soaps which will not be covered by the ban. They have just introduced a private members Bill to toughen up the regulations.

MPs seek tougher junk food ad ban

Supporters of a pre-9pm watershed ban on all junk food advertising are increasing pressure on the British government to act. They have introduced a private member’s bill.

Read more: Guardian Unlimited, 6 Feb 2007

Bill introduced in parliament to protect kids from junk food ads

Baroness Thornton has introduced a Bill into Parliament that will introduce a 9pm watershed for junk food television advertisements.

Read more: Children’s Food Campaign – Sustain, 5 Feb 2007

Published on February 10, 2007 in International news