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US: Kids eat more when watching TV

Why young couch potatoes are growing fat

University of Buffalo researchers found that “Watching television disrupts children’s normal response to food – they will eat more while they’re sitting in front of the tube, whether or not they’re really hungry.”

Source: Reuters / NZ Herald, 24 Feb 2007

Read the abstract: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Feb 200

Excessive TV viewing among young children is linked to poor eating habits

In a separate study, Harvard researchers also found a link between TV viewing and increased consumption of junk food.

They say that the more a 3-year-old watches television, the more he or she consumes sugary drinks and extra calories.

Read more: Meeting report, American Heart Assoc, 28 Feb 2007

Excessive TV Viewing Among Young Children Is Linked To Poor Eating Habits

Read more: Science Daily, 1 March 2007

Published on February 24, 2007 in International news