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NZ: School food and beverage guidelines

The Ministry of Health has released its school food and beverage classification system. It will help schools encourage children to eat healthier food.

Foods that should be eaten every day include sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, water and low-fat milk. Foods that should only be consumed sometimes are muffins, pizza and macoroni cheese. Pies, sausage rolls, chocolate bars and deep-fried foods should only be eaten once a term.

The guidelines will be launched in June.

The Ministry of Education has also released its ‘Food and Nutrition Guidelines’ and toolkit. The guidelines set out what schools and preschools should do to improve food and nutrition.

Classification System Helps Schools With Nutrition

The Ministry of Health has released its Food and Beverage Classification System Framework and sent it to all schools and preschools, along with the Ministry of Education’s Food and Nutrition for Healthy, Confident Kids guidelines.

Read more: Press release, Ministry of Health / Scoop, 29 Mar 2007

Mission On to reduce obesity in school children

The Food and Nutrition Guidelines and toolkit is now available.
It sets out the approach that schools and preschools should take to improve food and nutrition.

Read more: Press release, NZ Govt, 29 Mar 2007

Pies and sausage rolls once-a-term treat

“The tradition of the humble school pie will become increasingly rare if schools adhere to the Ministry of Health’s latest guidelines on food.”

Read more: NZ Herald, 30 Mar 2007

Published on March 28, 2007 in New Zealand news