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NZ: Junk food in easy reach of the poor

Obesity within easier reach for the poor

Reporting on a recent survey of fast food outlets throughout New Zealand, the NZ Herald says it “suggests the higher rate of obesity among poor people may be at least partly due to fast food being within easier reach.”

The survey was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, May 2007

Read more: NZ Herald. 9 June 2007
Fast food in easy reach of NZ’s poor

An analysis of New Zealand’s fast-food and healthy food outlets found that there is a strong association between neighbourhood deprivation and geographic access to fast food outlets in New Zealand.  As The Press puts it, “People living in posh suburbs have to travel twice as far to get takeaways as those in the poorest neighbourhoods.” A similar pattern was found for outlets selling healthy food.

Source: The Press / Stuff, 7 May 2007

Published on May 7, 2007 in New Zealand news