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NZ: Government response to obesity inquiry report ‘inadequate’

The Government has released its response to the Health Select Committee’s obesity inquiry report.

Read the government’s response

It received a lot of media coverage:

Government reveals plan to battle obesity

“The Government today ruled out or reserved judgement on the more extreme measures recommended by a report on tackling the obesity problem.” This article goes on to list the recommendations the government rejected or will consider later. It also lists some of the recommendations the government agreed to.

Source: NZPA / Stuff, 27 Nov 2007

Critics find fault with Cunliffe’s obesity remedies

“The Government’s refusal to regulate fast-food advertising or establish an independent commission to oversee anti-obesity initiatives are fatal flaws in its recipe to tackle the epidemic, critics say.”

Source: DomPost / Stuff, 28 Nov 2007

Government Response to Obesity Report ‘Weak’

“The Government’s increased focus on health promotion, while positive cannot hide the fact that it has chosen not to implement measures that would really make a difference.”

Read more: Press release, Obesity Action Coalition / Scoop, 27 Nov 2007

Obesity strategy several steps short of adequate

“Protecting the health of our children is more important than protecting the interests of the food industry. The Government needs to summon some courage and insist that the food industry stop advertising unhealthy food to our children.”

Read more: Press release, Green Party, 27 Nov 2007

Government response on obesity disappoints

“The Government’s response to the Inquiry into Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes is a huge disappointment with failure to adopt critical recommendations from the report.”

Read more: Press release, FOE, 28 Nov 2007

Obesity Response Won’t Help Most At Risk

“We live in an ‘obesogenic’ environment – in which healthy food is out of the reach of many low income families and in which children are constantly bombarded with ads for high-sugar, high-fat foods…These are the things we need to address.”

Read more: Press release, Public Health Association, 28 Nov 2007

Walk Away From Obesity

“The recommendations deal mainly with eating rather than exercise. We believe that obesity needs to be tackled with a two-pronged approach – eating and exercise”

Read more: Press release, Living Streets, 28 Nov 2007

Government’s response “pragmatic and commonsense”

“We are pleased to see the weighting the government’s response gives to education, information and the role of physical exercise in the obesity equation”.

Read more: Press release, McDonald’s, 28 Nov 2007

Published on November 27, 2007 in New Zealand news,Obesity Inquiry