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UK: National obesity strategy launched

The British government has launched a plan to cut levels of obesity in England. It focuses on five areas:

  • healthy growth and development of children
  • promoting healthier food choices
  • building physical activity into everyday life
  • creating incentives for better health
  • providing personalised advice and support
  • Some of the ideas in the plan are getting wide media coverage.

    Cooking lessons in schools will be compulsory for 11-14 year olds and schools will have to have healthy food policies. Local Councils will be asked to use planning legislation to limit fast-food outlets near schools and playgrounds.

    The government will try to get the food industry to adopt the traffic-light food labelling system.

    The government will also invest in a “healthy towns” that will encourage more cycling and walking. It will work with the entertainment industry to help parents manage the time their children spend watching television or playing computer games.

    Media regulator Ofcom will review its restrictions on advertising to children earlier than planned.

    You can read more about the strategy and download it from the English Department of Health website

    Published on January 24, 2008 in International news