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NZ: Motueka group battling proposed new McDonald’s

Tasman District Council has granted McDonald’s a resource consent for a new outlet in Motueka. Because it was a non-notified consent, the local community didn’t have the chance to have their say. One group is protesting loudly.

In Auckland’s Balmoral, McDonald’s has also applied for resource consent for a new outlet. This time their application was notified so the community had the chance to voice their opinions. However, local residents are not happy.

In both cases the proposed McDonald’s are close to schools. The issue caught media attention recently:

Anti-McDonald’s protest takes root in southern town

A group of Motueka residents are protesting about a proposed new McDonald’s outlet in the town. They have turned the building site into a community garden. The Mayor of Tasman District said it was “absolutely a done deal”, and the matter could no longer be influenced by the council.

Read more: NZ Herald, 5 Mar 2008

Motueka lobby group wants McDonald’s to take it away

Last September, McDonald’s was granted non-notified resource consent for a new outlet in Motueka, within 500 metres of three schools. A community group is protesting.

Read more: Christchurch Press/Stuff, 22 Feb 2008

People Vs McDonalds

Spokespeople for community action groups say why they are fighting to keep McDonald’s out of Motueka and Balmoral. Links to the 11 minute video replay.

Read more: TV One news, 22 Feb 2008

Balmoral says no!

Residents in Balmoral, Auckland, have set up a website to assist their campaign opposing the siting of a McDonald’s restaurant close to three schools.

Read more: on the Balmoralsaysno website

McDonald’s in Motueka

The Council comments on reaction to their decision to allow the new McDonald’s to go ahead in Motueka.

Read more: Press release, Tasman District Council, 12 Feb 2008

Published on March 5, 2008 in New Zealand news