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NZ: Children’s TV ad guidelines released

The New Zealand TV Broadcasters Council has launched a classification system for food or beverage ads shown during children’s viewing times. On weekdays these viewing times finish at 5pm on TV2 and 4.30pm on TV3.

But most of children’s viewing is outside their viewing times. According to a Broadcasting Standards Authority survey, sizeable numbers of children are still watching TV at 8:30pm. And three of the four programmes most popular with children screen after 5:00pm. This includes The Simpsons – the programme most watched by children. Simpsons watchers will be able to continue watching junk food ads as usual.

The TV food ad guidelines just announced show that self-regulation by the media will not provide enough protection for children. FOE wants a complete ban on TV advertising of junk food before 9pm.

New Children’s Food Classifications for TV ads

A new system to restrict the adverting of certain foods during children’s programming times is to be phased in. The system is based on the Ministry of Health’s Food and Beverage Classification System.

Read more: Press release, NZ Television Broadcasters Council/Scoop, 15 May 2008

Advertising on Television: Getting it right for children

Check out the new guidelines in this NZTB brochure, 2008 (PDF)

Healthy rules take fizz out of kids’ TV adverts

Food and drink ads during children’s programming times will have to be approved by the Television Commercials Approval Bureau.

Read more: DomPost/Stuff, 16 May 2008

Food firms serve fewer unhealthy ads for kids

The NZTBC has released further details of a code on advertising unhealthy food and drinks to children during school-age children’s programming times. These times are narrower than the periods during which many children actually watch TV. Includes a summary of the code and a “Your Views” section.

Read more: NZ Herald, 16 May 2008

Kids TV ad guidelines show self-regulation a failure

The TV food ad guidelines just announced show that self-regulation by the media will not provide enough protection for children.

Read more: Press release, FOE, 15 May 2008

New classifications for TV ads miss mark

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) says the new system which restricts the advertising of certain foods in children’s programming time will only do half the job. “We know from Broadcasting Standards Authority figures that over 30 percent of children are still watching TV at 8.30 at night – well after the restriction on showing ads for certain unhealthy children’s food is over.”

Read more: Press release, Obesity Action Coalition/Scoop, 15 May 2008

New advertising guidelines favour industry not kids

Green Party Health Spokesperson Sue Kedgley welcomes the fact that the industry has taken the initiative on children’s advertising, but is disappointed that the new guidelines apply to so few hours in a day, in addition to having so many opportunities for the industry to exercise a right of veto.

Read more: Press release, Green Party/Scoop 15 May 2008

TV food ad guidelines for children welcomed

Broadcasting Minister Trevor Mallard and Associate Health Minister Damien O’Connor have welcomed the guidelines as a step forward in tackling New Zealand’s obesity problems.

Read more: Press release, NZ Government / Scoop, 15 May 2008

The Broadcasting Authority Survey

Research shows how Kiwi kids use the media

New research shows that for New Zealand children, television remains the principal form of entertainment.

Read more: Press release, Broadcasting Standards Authority, 6 May 2008

Seen and Heard: Children’s Media Use, Exposure and Response

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has released the findings of a survey of NZ children aged 6-13 years and their primary caregivers. These include when children are watching TV and what they are viewing.

“Across all 6-13 year-old children, The Simpsons is a clear favourite, with 34% mentioning this as one of their top three programmes.”

“Sizeable numbers of children are still watching TV at the 8.30pm watershed.”

Read the report: Broadcasting Standards Authority website, May 2008 (PDF)

Published on May 15, 2008 in New Zealand news