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International beverage companies announce new rules on advertising to children

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other soft drink companies say they will stop advertising sugary drinks on TV to any audience that is comprised predominantly of children under 12 years.¬† They also say they¬†will implement the guidelines in all countries around the world by the end of this year. The voluntary guidelines also apply to other media. Critics say the new rules don’t go far enough.

Piecemeal industry proposal will not solve the problem of junk food marketing

Consumer watchdog group Consumers International says the beverage code fails to address key parental concerns, such as the advertising of unhealthy food and drink on TV before 9pm, protection of all children under 16, and the use of celebrities to market unhealthy food.

Read more: Consumers International website (Scroll down)

Coke, Pepsi’s New Global Commitment on Advertising to Kids Called Weak

Coke and Pepsi are proving that it’s hard to adopt a strong anti-obesity policy when your core products are major causes of obesity, say the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They argue that the new advertising rules announced by soft drink companies follow weak American policy on advertising to children.

The companies should have agreed to the stricter curbs demanded by the British government and to an International Code of Marketing of Foods and Beverages to Children that has been proposed by consumer organisations world-wide.

Read more: Press release, Center for Science in the Public Interest, 20 May 2008

Guidelines on Marketing to Children

The Internation Council of Beverage Associations have new voluntary guidelines on marketing to children.

Companies that sign up, agree:

“…not to place any marketing communication in any paid, third party media whose audience consists of 50% or more of children under the age of 12. This covers broadcast (TV and radio), print and digital media (including internet and phone messaging) as well as cinema (including product placement).”

Read more:, ICBA website, 20 May 2008

Published on May 25, 2008 in International news