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NZ: Obesity rates slowing for adults, levelling off for children

The latest NZ Health Survey found that the rate of obesity in adults is still increasing but the rate of increase has slowed. Around 36% of adults are overweight and a further 27% are obese. Only half of the adult population is getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

For the first time, children were included in the health survey. There was no change in their obesity rates since the Children’s Nutrition Survey in 2002. Overall, one in five children (21 percent) were overweight and a further one in twelve (8 percent) were obese.

The report notes that television viewing is associated with obesity in children and that it is disturbing that two thirds of children watch television for two or more hours a day.

Less than half walk or bike to school. Most had soft drinks and fast food in the week before the survey.

A Portrait of Health: Key results of the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey

Read more and download the report: Ministry of Health website, 4 June 2008

High obesity rates need urgent action

FOE welcomes the latest health survey figures on obesity but cautions that the last thing we can afford is complacency. More than a quarter of adults are now obese whereas thirty years ago this figure was 10 percent. The impact of the large increase in recent years of overweight and obese children has yet to hit the health system so we need to work hard to not only slow but reverse the upward trend in obesity.

Read more: Media release, FOE, 4 June 2008

Obesity rates slowing but work needs to continue

Obesity rates among New Zealand children remain static and the increase in obesity among adults has slowed according to survey results released today. The latest health survey figures show one in 12 children are obese and a quarter of all kiwi adults are obese.

Associate Minister of Health Damien O’Connor says obesity rates are still too high and more work is needed to continue the inroads already being made. He mentioned changes to the HEHA strategy as recommended in last year’s Inquiry into Obesity and type 2 Diabetes report.

Read more: Press release, NZ Government, 4 June 2008

Obesity at record high

The latest NZ Health Survey shows that Counties Manukau is leading the country in obesity, diabetes and other disorders. 12.7 percent of children are obese compared to the national total of 8.3 percent.

Read more: Sunday Star Times /Stuff, 19 June 2008

Survey shows New Zealanders are healthier

Health Minister David Cunliffe says there are encouraging indications that the obesity tide may be slowing, but there is a long way to go. He remains concerned about obesity related diseases.

Read more: Press release, NZ Government, 4 June 2008

NZers gaining in the weight war (+full report)

New Zealanders are still getting fatter, but the obesity rate seems to be levelling off, says a health survey issued today.

Read more: NZ Herald, 4 June 2008

 Blokes still won’t eat their greens

Obesity experts and campaigners are concerned by a number of findings in the latest NZ Health Survey, including the levels of fizzy-drink and fast-food consumption by children, and the finding that adults eat only two-thirds of the recommended three servings of vegetables and two of fruit every day.

Read more: NZ Herald, 5 June 2008

Access to healthy food must be made easier

The Obesity Action Coalition says healthy food needs to be easier to access if we want to see a significant reduction in obesity rates.

Read more: Media release, OAC/Scoop, 4 June 2008

Call for tobacco-style controls on junk food

Obesity watchdog and food industry groups comment on the results of the health survey.

Read more: NZPA/Stuff, 4 June 2008

Published on June 6, 2008 in New Zealand news,Trends