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Australia: Traffic light food labelling easiest to understand – survey

A colour-coded traffic-light food labelling system is the easiest for shoppers to use, according to a Cancer Council NSW survey. Shoppers found the current nutrition information panel was confusing. Those with lower education levels were the least likely to use and understand it. The Cancer Council wants a traffic-light system. So does FOE.

Traffic light labelling gets the green light

Cancer Council NSW surveyed supermarket customers on which front-of-pack food labelling system they found the easiest to understand.

The Traffic Light system came out top. When compared with other front-of-pack labelling systems, it was significantly more effective in assisting consumers to select healthier food products. Nutrition labels favoured by industry, however, confused shoppers.

Cancer Society NSW says their survey:

Clearly indicates that traffic light labelling is the more effective front-of-pack food labelling system, as it allows Australian consumers to quickly and easily make healthier food choices when grocery shopping. On the basis of this consumer research, the Cancer Council NSW recommends this labelling system be introduced on all packaged food products in Australia.

Read the survey: Front-of Pack Food Labelling: Traffic light labelling gets the green light

Read more: Cancer Council NSW website, 30 Sep 2008

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Food industry calls for stop on traffic-light labels

The food industry is campaigning against traffic-light food labelling.

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Oct 2008

Published on October 9, 2008 in Australian news,Traffic light labels