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UK: Change4Life – A missed opportunity?

The British government’s latest healthy living campaign, Change4Life, is underway.¬† The government hopes it will convince the population to live healthier lifestyles.¬†¬†Charities, local organisations and companies can use the campaign’s branding and resources to promote healthy living messages.

Children’s Food Campaign coordinator Richard Watts says that Change4Life could be fatally flawed from the start because food companies involved in the campaign are still bombarding children with ads for junk food

I am amazed that the government has not attached any conditions to the involvement of industry in Change4Life, and so has lost a glorious opportunity to lever companies into really changing their behaviour. It seems industry has stared and the government has blinked.

Read more: The Guardian blog, 2 Jan 2009

Published on January 2, 2009 in International news