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Australia: ACCC acts on Coca-Cola myth busting

Coca-Cola will publish corrective advertisements in newspapers across the country about its ‘myth-busting’ campaign following action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.  The ACCC believes the advertisements had the potential to mislead consumers.

Read more: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2 Apr 2009

Coke debacle bad for industry self-regulation

Australian national consumer regulator ACCC has found that Coca-Cola misled the public when it claimed in the ads that its signature drink did not make consumers fat or rot their teeth. (Last year, the Advertising Standards Bureau dismissed complaints that the ad promoted excessive consumption.)

Read more: Sydney Morning Herald,  4 Apr 2009

Health groups slam Coca-Cola for misleading customers

“Soft-drink giant Coca-Cola will be required to set the record straight and correct any potentially misleading impressions given by their ‘Myth Busting’ campaign.  Peak health groups have heralded the announcement by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as a wake up call for junk food manufacturers who hide behind marketing spin to suggest their products are not unhealthy,” says the Obesity Policy Coalition in a press release.

Read more: Obesity Policy Coalition, 2 Apr 2009

Published on April 2, 2009 in Australian news