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Australia: Junk food marketing campaign – meet ShamBurger

ShamBurger campaign highlights junk food advertising blitz
Leading health and consumer groups have renewed calls for tougher advertising regulations, after releasing figures warning that Australian children are force fed about 2200 junk food advertisements on television per year.  A new online campaign  includes a short video clip ‘Burger Corp’ which draws comparisons between junk food commercials and door-to-door salesmen touting for kids’ business.  The campaign urges the public to send a standardised email to the Health Minister.
Read more: Press release, Cancer Council NSW, 30 Apr 2009

Watch the Burger Corp clip on You Tube and meet ShamBurger

Fed up with junk food marketing
Its crunch time on TV junk food ads, says Australian consumer group Choice.  It wants the Australian Federal Government to better regulate junk food advertising to children.  New voluntary industry initiatives will achieve little, it says, because they’ll only restrict junk food ads during shows aimed at children under 12.  However,  six times as many kids are watching TV in the early evening, when their favourite reality TV and comedy shows air, compared with the traditional afternoon children’s programmes.   Choice is calling on the public to take action.
Read more: Choice website, 30 Apr 2009

Children at centre of junk food fight
The battle of the bulge turned into a skirmish of statistics yesterday as health groups and advertisers traded blows over the level of junk food TV ads.
Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 1 May 2009

Parent pester power – taking action against junk food marketing
Physical inactivity and unhealthy food have become normalised – and we need to switch things around so that activity and healthy food become normalised instead, says Professor Baur of Sydney’s Children’s Hospital.  She wants advertising of junk food taken off television until 9.30pm or 10pm.
Read more: Sydney Morning Herald, 28 April 2009

AMA calls for ban of junk food advertising on children’s TV

The Australian Medical Association has renewed calls for an immediate ban on the advertising of unhealthy food during children’s viewing hours.   They say:

  • Food advertising influences what food children want, ask for, and eat
  • Food advertising undermines the efforts of parents to provide healthy food for their children.

Read more: Australian Medical Association, 30 April 2009

Published on April 30, 2009 in Australian news