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Australia: Food industry – Advertising bans on junk food and alcohol likely?

Apparently Australia’s advertising industry is facing a comprehensive and unprecedented push to ban unhealthy food and alcohol advertising.

Glen Wiggs, director of the Foundation for Advertising Research, has warned advertisers, agencies and the media that they have just six months to reduce the amount of advertising of unhealthy food or the Rudd government will do it for them

He is anticipating the findings of the Preventative Health Taskforce, which are due this month.

Read more: The Australian, 8 June 2009

“Back off” advertising to children

An opinion writer says that if the food and beverage advertisers are smart, they will “back off” advertising to children on television. This will make them appear to be responsible.  After all, they know that growing profits are now in the digital marketplace – not TV.

Read more: The Australian, 8 June 2009

Published on June 9, 2009 in Australian news