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Australia: Would you like a cartoon character with that?

Australian consumers are sick of food marketers using movie characters, toys and competitions to promote pester power and the purchase of unhealthy foods and drinks.  They want better regulation.

The Cancer Council Victoria survey found that:

  • 91% of consumers believe the government should regulate the use of toys and giveaways to market unhealthy food and drink to children – with 55% believing the practice should be stopped completely.
  • 91% believe the use of popular personalities or characters should be regulated.
  • 90% of consumers believe that the government should introduce regulations around competitions used to promote unhealthy food and drinks to children.
  • 91% of consumers want stronger restrictions to reduce the amount of unhealthy food and drink advertising seen by children.
  • 88% of consumers were in favour of a ban on advertising of unhealthy foods at times when children watch TV – with 65% wanting a ban at all times.
  • 91% of consumers believe the government should regulate advertising on free to air TV which markets unhealthy food and drinks to children and 39% believe it should be stopped altogether.

Read more: Press release, Obesity Policy Coalition, 9 June 2009

These findings are line with a BRC poll commissioned by FOE in 2005.  It found that almost three quarters (71 percent) of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that advertisements for unhealthy food and drink products should be banned during children’s television programmes.

Published on June 10, 2009 in Australian news