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NZ: We take third place in OECD obesity ranking

OECD Health Data 2009:  How Does New Zealand Compare

A new OECD report warns that the growing prevalence of obesity in most OECD countries, including New Zealand, may well lead to higher health care costs in the future. New Zealand’s adult obesity rate, based on actual measures of height and weight, was 26.5% in 2007 – third in the OECD after the US and Mexico.

Read the  report – OECD Health Data 2009: How does New Zealand Compare (PDF)

Hefty fight as kiwis get too fat

New Zealand faces a healthcare time-bomb as a new report ranks the country once touted for its outdoorsy, fit population as the third-fattest nation after Mexico and the US.
Read more: The Press/Stuff, 13 July 2009

Kiwis third fattest in new obesity report

Health lobbyists criticise the Government’s obesity funding cuts in the face of a report showing New Zealand is the third fattest nation in the OECD.
Read more: NZ Herald, 14 July 2009

Published on July 13, 2009 in New Zealand news