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NZ: Media nonsense about BMI

McCaw tips scale at ‘obese’

The Herald calculated the BMIs of the All Blacks and found several obese and the rest overweight.

But BMI should not be used to measure if an athlete was obese, FOE’s Dr Robyn Toomath, told the Herald.   They were the classic example for who the body mass index doesn’t work.  She said she would be shocked if any of the All Blacks had a circumference above 100cm, which was considered obese.

BMI was usually used to determine whether a person was likely to get Type 2 diabetes but a better measurement would be to take a person’s waist circumference.

Read more: NZ Herald, 18 July 2009

BMI a bit thin on credibility

In an opinion piece in the Domion Post, columnist Joe Bennett jumps on the Richie McCaw story and shows his ignorance on use of the Body Mass Index.

Read more: Dominion Post/Stuff, 22 July 2009

BMI, Mr Bennett

John White points out why Joe Bennett should have done better.
Read more: FOE website, 29 July 2009

Published on July 25, 2009 in New Zealand news