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NZ: Changes to food labelling needed to tackle obesity

Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson will attend the Australia New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council meeting in Brisbane this week.  One item on the agenda is front of pack food labelling – including the traffic lights system.

At their meeting in May, the Ministerial Council looked at  the results of a consultation on the development of a Policy Guideline for front of pack labelling (FOPL).  This confirmed that there are very different views on what should be done.

The October 2009 Ministerial Council meeting will be presented with a draft Policy Guideline.

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Why we need a traffic light food labelling system

Busy shoppers need a simple food labelling system so they can easily identify healthy and unhealthy food. Food companies are resisting a traffic light system on the front of packages. They don’t want red danger labels on their products.

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Published on October 23, 2009 in Traffic light labels