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NZ: Advertising codes fail children

A new study criticises the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority for not adequately regulating food advertising to children.

Otago University public health researchers say in their study,

“The research shows that the Authority’s implementation of the voluntary Code for Advertising to Children, and the Code for Advertising of Food, includes partial, unjustified and inconsistent decision making by the Complaints Board which adjudicates on specific adverts.”

They also say:

  • there is a failure in some cases to implement the new codes
  • there is a failure to prevent unhealthy food being advertised directly to children
  • self-regulation for controlling advertising to children does not work with regard to unhealthy food
  • there is a breach of the spirit of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Read the research: Critical Public Health, Mar 2010

Read more: Otago University, 27 Apr 2010

Read more: NZ Herald, 28 Apr 2010

FOE found similar inadequacies in our report, Outcomes of complaints to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board, May 2009. (PDF)

Published on April 29, 2010 in New Zealand news,TV advertising