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NZ: Obesity in New Zealand: What’s working and what’s not

Health researchers, politicians, and fast food companies met in a one day public health seminar “Who cares about New Zealand’s Waistline” in Wellington.

Before the seminar, Professor Jim Mann talked to TVNZ about obesity, its health complications and a new idea for obesity prevention. It is not just about price or government policy, he says. Other groups must have policies in place too. These groups range from the WHO, multinational food companies, the government, media, schools, workplaces and the family.

By alerting each group to evidence that there are things they can do that work, Mann hopes they pick up some of the suggestions and carry them through into their own policies.

Hopefully, in a year’s time there will be progress.

Watch the video replay: TVNZ, 18 Oct 2010 (video)

Watch a video of the seminar (01:05)

Published on October 18, 2010 in New Zealand news