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Australia: Kellogg’s shamed fourth year running for Australia’s worst junk food ads

The Parent’s Jury has annual Fame and Shame awards to expose junk food advertising to Australian children. Kellogg’s won awards for the fourth year running. Their snack bar ad won the Pester Power award for the food marketing campaign most hated by parents. It encouraged children to nag for unhealthy foods.

Kellogg’s also won the Smoke and Mirrors ad. Claims on a sugary breakfast cereal ad made it appear healthier than it was.

Kellogg’s told the Courier Mail that they were “at a loss” as to know why they won the awards:

“The ads are not targeted at children; they are aired at times when the majority of shows are aimed at mums. They never appear in children’s times.”

No wonder the Parents Jury is calling for a ban on junk food advertising before 9:00 pm. Children watch TV in the early evenings too.

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Published on November 17, 2010 in Australian news,TV advertising