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Australia: Junk-food codes ‘failing’ children

Australian advertisers’ self-regulatory codes aimed at reducing children’s junk-food marketing are failing, according to health group, the Obesity Policy Coalition:

“A recent decision by the Advertising Standards Board that Junior Masterchef is not primarily directed to children and not covered by food industry advertising codes highlights how ineffective self-regulation is in protecting children from junk food marketing.

Junior Masterchef is currently the highest rating programme for children younger than 12. The Advertising Standards Board’s decision means that junk food advertisers effectively have free reign in the highest rating kids’ shows, such as Junior Masterchef and The Simpsons.

Ads for junk food such as Coke, Fanta, Snickers, Mars, Red Bull, Smith’s crisps and Magnum and Drumstick ice creams have recently been shown in these programmes.

If the highest rating children’s programme is not covered by the code then it effectively allows advertisers to continue to mass market their products in programmes children watch most.”

The coalition is calling on the Australian government to implement effective legislation to protect children from junk food advertising on TV.

Read more about the Junior Master Chef decision, Obesity Policy Coalition, 30 Nov 2010
Read more about the Junior Master Chef decision: The Age, 1 Dec 2010

Published on November 30, 2010 in TV advertising