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US: New dietary guidelines: Eat less, eat better and lose the salt

Americans need to make big changes in their eating habits to fight the obesity epidemic and a host of ailments caused by poor diets, according to updated US federal dietary guidelines.

In: Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Read more: Washington Post, 1 Feb 2011

US: New Dietary Guidelines Show Politics Still Trumps Science

The latest US Dietary Guidelines advise Americans to eat less salt, sugar and fat, and to increase intake of fruits, veggies and fish. They also recommends that Americans eat less overall – acknowledging that obesity – and over consumption –  are causing serious health problems in the U.S., and that people should make it a priority to eat less food.

Read more: Time, 31 Jan 2011

US: Dietary Guidelines try not to offend food industry

Nutritionist Marion Nestle comments on the new US dietary guidelines.

Read more: San Francisco Chronicle, 4 Feb, 2011

Published on February 2, 2011 in International news