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NZ: Children’s TV advertising restrictions – still no change

TV broadcasters have updated their voluntary guidelines on advertising to preschool and school aged children under 14 years.

The publicity around them is just spin.  There’s no change in substance from the 2008 guidelines. The updated guidelines still don’t apply to the early evenings – the time when the highest numbers of children are watching, and when the most popular shows watched by children are aired.

During weekday afternoon TV, school-aged children’s programming times finish at 4:30pm (TV4) and 5pm (TV2). In 2008 these times were 4.30pm (TV3), 5pm (TV2) and 6pm (Māori Television).

The broadcasters claim they have increased the number of  hours when advertising to children is restricted. This merely reflects the increase in children’s programming times with the advent of TV7 (no ads anyway, and about to close) and TV4.

Download the updated guidelines: TV and Children, Getting it right for children. 2011

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“The total restricted and advertising free zones per week across the three major free to air broadcasters, will double to 101 hours and 30 minutes a week since the classification system was introduced in 2008, ” says Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman.

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Published on April 6, 2011 in New Zealand news,TV advertising