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Australia: Health organisations back call for Traffic Light labelling

Australian health organisations have co-signed a letter from consumer advocacy group CHOICE. They are urging the Australian Federal Government to adopt the traffic light front-of-pack food labelling scheme and not to be swayed by industry bodies – whose primary interest is the pursuit of profits.

Earlier this year a review of food labelling in Australia and New Zealand recommended a traffic light system on the front of packaged food. It said:

That a multiple traffic lights front-of-pack labelling system be introduced. Such a system to be voluntary in the first instance, except where general or high level health claims are made or equivalent endorsements/trade names/marks appear on the label, in which case it should be mandatory.

Most food manufacturers are fiercely opposing this recommendation. Sanitarium is the exception. It has developed a system similar to traffic lights after its research found colour-coded systems were most effective in informing consumer choice.

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Published on October 29, 2011 in Australian news,Traffic light labels