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NZ: Foods we needn’t eat

Media Release

Fight the Obesity Epidemic (FOE)

24 February 2012

Foods we needn’t eat

“The NEEDNT food list compiled by University of Otago researchers has great potential,” says Dr Robyn Toomath, spokesperson for Fight the Obesity Epidemic (FOE).

“The list shows that a large proportion of the products sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, and virtually everything at fast food outlets, is actually NEEDNT food – non-essential, energy dense, nutritionally deficient junk food. It is precisely these foods that are so much at the heart of the obesity epidemic in New Zealand, which is threatening to cripple the health system.”

“Using a nutrition assessment tool to identify foods such as the ones on this list is a logical way of identifying produce which should be banned for advertising to children, and subject to extra tax,” Dr Toomath says. “These aren’t just foods we needn’t eat, they’re foods we shouldn’t eat more than occasionally. The Government must do much more to help people avoid NEEDNT foods.”

The NEEDNT food list has just been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Published on February 24, 2012 in FOE media releases,New Zealand news