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NZ: Milo diverts attention to physical activity in new marketing campaign

Milo PLAY Movement

A report commissioned by food manufacturer Nestle Milo has been getting a lot of media coverage recently. It claims to show that “nearly 1 in 2 (46%) children don’t play every day.”

The report is so shoddy that it doesn’t even give the question asked to obtain this finding, let alone say whether it was the children, parents or grandparents included in the survey who provided the data.

This is part of a clever marketing campaign by Nestle Milo. They are “calling for New Zealand families to come together and incorporate active play into each and every day” and have also launched a Facebook page where they claim to be “the official drink of play”.

While we totally support kids being involved in active, unstructured play, we would be more excited if Nestle Milo, as a food company, addressed food issues and the amount of sugar in its products, rather than focusing on physical activity. After all:

  • Milo “energy food drink” is 46 percent sugar. And – another physical activity connection – it’s sponsored by NZ Cricket (source: Robin’s pantry);
  • children’s breakfast cereal Nestle Milo is 27.2% sugar (source: Supermarket packet).

Read ‘The New Zealand State of Play report’

Some of the media coverage

Milo positions itself as the official drink of play in new ‘Play Movement’ campaign

Creative advertising trade magazine Campaign Brief outlines Milo’s new campaign and asks readers to vote if they think it is a clever strategy by Milo.

Source: Campaign, 12 Mar 2012

Kids miss out on vital play time

Source: NZ Herald, 12 March 2012

Published on March 25, 2012 in New Zealand news