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UK: Junk food sponsorship of Olympics questioned

Call to end junk food sponsors from future sporting events

A growing body of organisations are calling for companies whose products are associated with obesity, such as high fat, high calorific and sugar filled drinks, to be excluded from sponsorship of sporting events. These voices include the London Assembly and eminent voices in the medical profession, who understand the extent and cost of childhood obesity.

Could this call mark the start of a process similar to that of the tobacco advertising and sponsorship ban in the early 90s?

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Are junk food brands fit to sponsor the Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee is questioning the sponsorship of brands like McDonald’s amid concerns about global obesity.

IOC president told the Financial Times that the financial demands of the Olympics makes it harder to for the IOC “to hold on to its long-cherished values, which include taking care of one’s health.” Weighing up the financial support of these sponsors versus public health interests has been a “difficult decision” for the Committee.

The Public Health Assoc of Australia has no such qualms. They say a whole range of things need to be done to reduce obesity, including separating junk food from sport.

We agree.

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Rogge clarifies ‘obesity’ comments on sponsors

The International Olympic Committee issued public backing of its Games sponsors Coca-Cola and McDonald’s today, a day after President Jacques Rogge was quoted as saying there was a “question mark” over their sponsorship due to obesity concerns.

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Published on July 10, 2012 in International news