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NZ: Trans-Pacific Partnership and junk food

FOE is taking a close interest in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP) currently being negotiated. This is because of fears that the agreement might restrict New Zealand’s ability to regulate unhealthy products, including junk food.

We aren’t confident the current government shares our view as to what is ‘legitimate’ in regulating business activity to protect public health.

TPP in the media

Secrecy in investment talks mock democracy
Professor Jane Kelsey says a leaked TTP chapter allows overseas investors to seek compensation if government regulation substantially affects the value or profitability of an investment. Local investors won’t have that power. “Most discussion of constraints on the government’s right to regulate has centred on tobacco controls. But a raft of other policies could also prompt investor complaints.”
Read more: NZ Herald, 20 June 2012

New TPP Leaked Text: National Says ‘Yes’ to Investor Rights to Sue
Professor Jane Kelsey summarises the contents of a leaked TTP negotiation chapter, saying it “confirms that National has agreed to let foreign investors … sue New Zealand for damages in private offshore tribunals, claiming that new laws or policies breach their rights under the agreement”.
Read more: Press release, Professor Jane Kelsey/Scoop, 14 June 2012

Trade deal claims a ‘beat up’ – Groser
Trade Minister Tim Groser says the New Zealand Government will not sign any agreement that stops us now or any government in the future from regulating for public health and other legitimate policy purposes. .
Read more: NZ Herald, 14 June 2012

Gordon Campbell on the Trans Pacific Partnership leaks
“The leaked document confirms the worst fears about the TPP talks.”
Read more: Scoop, 14 June 2012

Not so far-fetched after all – investors rights to sue are on
This website has links to TTP news.
Read more: NZ Not for Sale website,

Food, Farmers and the TPP
PhD student Andrea Brower argues that New Zealand has a lot to lose if TTP goes ahead, including the ability to regulate the financial sector and tobacco laws.
Read more: Andrea Brower/Scoop, 3 June 2012

Published on July 10, 2012 in New Zealand news