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NZ front of pack labelling advisory group reports to government

A government-appointed advisory group with both food industry and nutrition membership has completed its business. The group was established as the NZ response for the decision by Australian and NZ ministers to explore the development of a voluntary interpretive front of pack nutrition labelling scheme other than traffic lights.

Their report sets out principles for a scheme which, apart from the voluntary aspect, would be acceptable to many public health advocates. The report also outlines steps for developing and implementing a scheme in NZ. This, however, is most unlikely. The principles are compatible with the work on a star system in Australia.

FOE expects the NZ Government will await the Australian outcome and will not attempt to develop a NZ scheme.

If our Australian colleagues are successful in negotiating a satisfactory outcome to their process then it is likely we will be urging the NZ Government to support the Australian scheme. While the scheme will be voluntary in that manufacturers may choose not to use it, the outcome sought is that they will not be able to use alternative systems.

Read the Final Report: NZ front of pack labelling advisory group (pdf)

Published on December 17, 2012 in New Zealand news,Traffic light labels