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UK: Hybrid traffic light food labelling scheme gets government backing

Food labelling: Consistent system to be rolled out

A new front-of-pack food labelling is to be introduced in the UK, the government says. A combination of colour coding and nutritional information will be used to show how much fat, salt and sugar and how many calories are in each product.

Read more: BBC News, 18 June 2013

Food packaging ‘traffic lights’ to signal healthy choices on salt, fat and sugar

A new hybrid nutritional labelling scheme that combines traffic lights with guideline daily amounts will appear on the main supermarket chains soon.

Read more: The Guardian, 19 June 2013

UK: Details of food labelling scheme”

The Department of Health has issued a 27-page booklet providing details about the new hybrid labels. The Front of Pack nutrition labelling scheme combines colour coding and percentage reference intakes in line with UK health ministers’ recommendations and the requirements of Article 35 of EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers (EU FIC).

Read more: Department of Health website, 19 June 2013

Published on June 21, 2013 in International news,Traffic light labels